Architect’s Office

Architect's Office

A neatly done welcome board scripts what you are going to see in the space you are walking in.

From metal to PCC to raw wood, use of larger palette of material is a refreshing dialogue between past and present.


The typo wall at the reception talks of the methodology of the firm.

Get the ingredients right & you are almost done.

A masonry tool as handle to door depicts how the firm is bound by basic elements of construction.


Calmness is achieved mostly by the softness of tactile interior finishes and a muted color palette.

Healthy and sustainable environment for employees to get their best work.

Design elements have a role to play in enhancing feelings of well-being, which is in turn reflected in employee retention and other metrics.

Use of unrefined material has struck right balance of calmness & young energetic environment.


Doors have stories to tell !! Black conference room door & director’s room door tell their own stories.


Office design has to transcend and start to build a sense of comfort.


What are you going to offer employees beyond a nice desk and a nice chair? Is a big question.

A large open working area allows breathing space for a healthy working environment.

Healthy and sustainable environment for employees to get their best work.

A flexible work environment that accommodates both collaborative and head-down, focused work. 

Half of our productivity is wasted on not feeling good.

To create a flexible environment, the design team struck a balance between open and traditional office concepts. 


Reuse of material is a sustainable thought.


Transformation of neglected areas is like adding value to the project.

The director’s den houses a swing over the table with artifacts & books telling the ideology of the head of the firm.

Self-expression is a great idea & some spaces have to be left over for that.

Basic material used for partition wall gives a unique look & displays different hues from single material.

A hidden door for director to move from his den to conference room.

Dining area with a colourful palette.

This area is distributed as a single space that takes advantage of the three orientations. Terrace, Rejuvenation area & Gathering space.

Use dry tree barks for ceiling keep the openness intact yet gives a sense of covering.

Today’s employees want to live, work, and play all in a few blocks’ radius.